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Agile Methodology

Our client-centric, client-driven, iterative software development methodology, anchored by IDI’s CMMI processes, allows us to effectively utilize our Agile Development approach to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery of responsive solutions that meet customer mission needs.  IDI’s Agile Development approach assures that our development staff and our client have a common vision and goal; working together throughout.


Client-driven development translates to client involvement at each iterative stage resulting in an overall process that continuously focuses on their needs. The result is a development project that is responsive to evolving and/or changing organizational mission requirements; along with the ability to build a strong working relationship with our customers. The Agile methodology assures the effort remains focused on the client’s business needs and challenges. Our clients are assured that the delivered solution truly meets their requirements and because they play such a key role throughout, any faults that may occur during development are quickly identified and corrected.


An additional benefit is cost effectiveness.  An inherent aspect of Agile Methodology includes collaborative teams that take ownership of the project thereby reducing administrative overhead. Team performance is built upon open communication and the continuous performance improvement facilitated by IDI’s iterative methodology.